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Share our passion for technology.
Welcome. This site is intended to present my application and to help who want to start developing in JavaME. Download FPC Bench now and unleash the power of your phone or smartphone.

FPC Bench is considered one of the best tool for benchmarking from the major international tech magazine.
My applications is for FREE, so let's start Benchmarking NOW!!!
Please send us your results and help us enlarging our database. 

Mortgage Calculator PRO (5.8.2) is now out. Free update for existing customers with exciting new features.
Changelog here. Get it now!
Auto Loan Calculator PRO (2.2.0) is on the road.
Changelog here. Get it now!
Ice Cream Sandwitch is now the minimum Android version able to run our Financial apps, dropped support for previous version of Android. New features and bug fixes, full changelog here.
After many years of "service" our Financial Suite continue to meet the needs of professionals and buyers. Free upgrade for previous users. Changelog here.
GetJar was the first mobile market in the world. It borned in 2004 and we are proud that we was there with FPC Bench, Pocket Inclinometer and Mortgage Calculator PRO. Today GetJar has been acquired for 50 million dollars, say goodbye to a pioneer.
DPsoftware introduces support for the IPv6 (IP version 6) protocol. The dual-stack approach ensures that the upgraded nodes can always interoperate with IPv4-only nodes by using IPv4.
Our financial suite (Mortgage Calculator PRO, Auto Loan Calculator PRO, Mortgage Reginancing PRO) has been upgraded. Added support for devices that lacks GSM Modem and UI improvements. Free update for existing customers.
DPsoftware UI Toolkit is well known to be a portable Java2D toolkit that breaks down the barriers of portability. Thanks to this toolkit DPsoftware is able to use the same codebase on BlackBerry (Java or QNX/BB10), Symbian, JavaME, Bada and Android devices. Our financial suite is able to run on a cheap feature phone, on a modern smartphone, on a big tablet and on Google TV. Google Nexus 7 is the first device in years that broken this compatibility, things change but we are ready for the changes. We are working to create a patch for this and future devices, existing licence will be valid on Nexus 7 when the patch will be available. Stay tuned.

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